Sports Medicine Outreach Program

Male High School Basketball Team Playing GameAs part of our Sports Medicine Outreach Program, we employ a team of athletic trainers who offer various athletic healthcare services to schools throughout southeast Nebraska.

We work to recognize injuries early and treat them immediately and appropriately; this promotes early healing and prevention of serious injury or re-injury.

In addition, we are providers of the ImPACT Test through the Nebraska Sports Concussion Network & Testing Program.

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Our Outreach Athletic Training Staff: Cellular E-mail
David Schultz, MEd, ATC (402) 430-4704 e-mail
Jayson Brueggemann, MS, ATC (402) 540-4332 e-mail
Ryan Townsend, MS, ATC (402) 540-4334 e-mail
Amanda Simpson, MEd, ATC (402) 617-1896 e-mail
Russ Ulrich, MEd, ATC (402) 380-2449 e-mail
Jordan Bart, ATC (402) 631-3212 e-mail
Andrew Sheridan, ATC  (402) 410-0054 e-mail
Jordan Stithem, MS, ATC  (402) 302-0214 e-mail
 Lindsey Struck, MS, ATC (402) 590-5539 e-mail
 Alex Wheatley, MAEd, ATC (402) 415-1340 e-mail