Back & Spine

Back & Spine Treatments

Every year thousands of Americans experience back or neck pain ranging from minor to severe. The specialists at Nebraska Orthopaedic Center provide compassionate, skilled, and comprehensive spine care. We believe in delivering thorough evaluations and detailed discussions to help you make informed decisions. We consider less invasive techniques wherever applicable. When surgery is the best option we use cutting-edge technology with highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

NOC provides a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options for all spine patients. These areas of treatment include:

Arthritis and/or degenerative conditions
Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disc herniations
Failed neck and back surgery
Fractures of the spine
Low back (lumbar) pain
Midback (thoracic) pain
Neck (cervical) pain
Spinal instability
Spinal stenosis

Degenerative Disc Disease
Advanced interventional injection suite
On-site diagnostics
Outpatient surgery
Physical therapy
Rehabilitation programs
Spine Fractures
Spinal Stenosis
Herniated Discs

These facilities, combined with integrated radiology and hospital partnerships, streamline the treatment process, speeding the road to recovery. Our goal is to restore normal function through safe and effective treatment.
With a patient-centered focus, our team of experienced spine care specialists work together to determine an accurate diagnosis and provide individualized treatment solutions.

With ongoing communication among our providers, your family doctor, and most importantly, you, we offer the following pledge:
• Diagnose your spinal problem or the source of your pain.
• Prescribe and implement an appropriate course of treatment.
• Pursue the goal of restoring pain-free functioning.

Our spine physicians understand how back and neck pain can limit your activities and decrease your quality of life. Our goal is to restore pain-free motion so you can return to work, school, or your active lifestyle.