Nebraska Orthopaedic Center ensures that you will be fit with the correct product(s) under the supervision of your physician to care for your orthopaedic bracing needs.

What is DME or Durable Medical Equipment?

This refers to braces or equipment that is designed for repeated use in the treatment of a medical ailment or injury. We manage all aspects of your DME needs, including patient fittings, education, and insurance billing.

How should I clean my brace?

We recommend using rubbing alcohol on a washcloth to wipe off the inside and outside of your brace. Do not use soap and water, as this can saturate your brace and result in a mildew smell from the brace. You may want to do this once or twice a week as necessary.

What if my brace develops an odor? 

Make sure your brace is clean by following the steps above. You can lightly spray some Febreze® on the outside of your brace. Avoid using colognes or perfumes. This may cause your brace to smell worse than before.

What should I do if my brace is not fitting or causing problems?

Contact our office at 402-436-2000. Please be prepared to leave a message with your name, date of birth, a phone number you can be reached at, as well as a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. We will return your calls as soon as possible.