Preparing Yourself for Surgery

Apr 27, 2022 | Blog

We know that surgery can be a daunting option for many, especially If you have never experienced a surgery with anesthesia, making even the simplest of procedures can seem overwhelming. However, the more you prepare ahead of time can help to lessen your pre-surgery stress. Less stress before and after surgery allows you to focus on what matters most – healing properly and getting back to doing what you love!

Preparing Ahead of Time


Understand ALL your options: It’s important to understand all your options when it comes to deciding if surgery is right for you. For instance – does the surgery have to be now? Or is it something that can wait for a later date. Are there non-surgical options that could be tried first? For example, is Physical Medication and Rehabilitation an option? Just because surgery is an option doesn’t mean it has to be the only option. Talk to your doctor so you can understand everything that is going to happen. No question is too small if it is going to put your mind at ease. 

Ask all the why’s and how’s you can think of. Questions can help you better understand why you’re going through something and what to expect along the way. 

    • Why are you having that specific surgery?
    • How long is the recovery period?
    • How long is the procedure?
    • What does the medication do?

Follow All Instructions: Instructions are put in place to make sure the surgery is going to go as smoothly as possible, so it is important to follow them before and after the procedure. Surgery is much easier on yourself and your physicians when you’re well-rested and in good health. Your orthopaedic surgeon here at Nebraska Orthopaedic Center will have detailed pre- and post-operative instructions for you so that you can do your part in helping to ensure a good surgical outcome.

Whether or not you like to think about it, complications can occur, and this is something you should discuss with your physician. Your surgeon will chat with you about the types of complications that could arise from your type of surgery, as well as how to minimize potential complications and how to handle them if they arise. 

Bring A Friend or Family Member: Bringing a family member or friend to act as your advocate and moral support throughout the surgical process will make it much easier on the surgical team, as well as yourself. After surgery, you’re likely to be tired, groggy, and confused so it’s a good idea to have someone with you who can take notes, keep your papers in order, etc. Once you’re home from the hospital, ask a family member or friend to check in on you regularly if you live alone. This person can help you get to appointments, make sure you’re taking the correct medication at the prescribed time, and help you along the recovery process. Have someone who understands your limitations so they can assist you with whatever you need. 

Familiarize Yourself With The Hospital: If allowed, ask if it’s possible to have a small tour of the hospital where your procedure will take place. Your mind can be put at ease when you’re in a familiar place with familiar people. Anything that will help you get through surgery will be easier for everyone in the long run. 

Choose the Right Team: At Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, we have advanced physicians who operate under the highest quality medical technology. Our objective has always been to offer our patients the most advanced medical care in a friendly, comfortable environment. With patients being our primary focus, you can be sure that you’ll get responsive staff and personalized care. 

We want your visit to the NOC Surgery Center – or at any facility with one of our orthopaedic surgeons – to be a positive experience. Our staff would be happy to answer any question you have related to your procedure and, if they don’t know the answer, they will find someone who does! If you’re dealing with an orthopaedic issue or injury, give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our orthopaedic surgeons who will help you explore all of your treatment options.