Dr. Scott Swanson Discusses Stem Cell Therapy on Channel 8 News

Apr 22, 2018 | Dr. Scott Swanson, Orthobiologics, Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Swanson was a guest on Channel 8 News Midday to discuss the importance of orthopedists providing patients with information surrounding stem cell therapy for joint pain.

Stem Cell Therapy is a great alternative to joint replacement.  Ideal candidates are those who have tried conservative measures but may be too young for – or are not a candidate for joint replacement.  Our office  has performed Stem Cell Therapy for nearly two years with great results.  Our physicians isolate the patient’s own stem cells and inject them into the patient’s painful joint.  Those stem cells can then differentiate and turn into cartilage to help heal the arthritic joint.

To learn more, watch Dr. Swanson’s interview below regarding the stem cell treatment process.  You can visit our stem cell website page by following the link here: Stem Cell Therapy.  You may call our office at (402) 488-3322 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with us.