Common Orthopaedic Injuries in Summer

Jul 14, 2022 | Blog

Summer is a fantastic time to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, fun sports, and family vacations. However an increase in summer fun can often lead to an increase in injuries. With the help of a few reminders, there are several ways you can prevent common orthopaedic injuries this summer!

Bicycle Injuries

Did you know that if you wear a helmet you can reduce your chances of sustaining a head injury during a bike accident by as much as 85 percent? According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, simply wearing a bike helmet reduces the chances of serious head injuries and/or death should you have a bike accident.

Other things you can do each time you ride are:

    • Check your bike for good mechanical function before your ride
    • Wear appropriate biking attire including proper footwear and avoid any loose clothing, especially where it could become entangled in the bike mechanisms
    • Stretch before your ride to help reduce the possibility of pulling a muscle

Sports Injuries – Baseball, Volleyball, and Soccer

Baseball has grown to be popular summer sport that is fun for anyone to play. Even though it is a non-contact sport, the unintentional contact that occurs in games can be a source of injury according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. While some injuries can’t be foreseen, ensuring that players are stretching and warming up beforehand may help prevent sprains and strains. It is also important for players and coaches become familiar with the fields condition, and always have a first aid kit on hand. 

Whether you play volleyball regularly or recreationally, take the time to warm-up and stretch before playing to avoid any potential sprains and strains. Practice good technique while playing, and be aware of other players around you to eliminate any accidental contact. 

For the soccer players out there, make sure you properly condition by warming up and stretching before playing, wear proper shin guards, and cool down after playing. These steps can help prevent leg injuries like torn cartilage, severe sprains, or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) problems. 

If you’re playing outside this summer have your water bottle nearby to ensure dehydration doesn’t become an issue, and be sure to always wear your sunscreen! No matter how much we prepare, injuries just happen. Whether you’re experiencing pain, dealing with a chronic injury, or have sustained a new injury on your bike, the baseball field, volleyball court, or soccer field – please dont hesitate to contact Nebraska Orthopaedic Center at 402-436-2000. Our team of healthcare professionals are here to help!