Benefits of Building Muscles

Feb 9, 2022 | Blog

Did you know that strength training is just as important as cardio? If you want to be in tip-top shape, you need to engage in a strength training routine twice a week. Your routine will help you build muscles and then you will enjoy countless benefits. Check out some reasons why you should start a muscle-building routine today.


Improves Bone Density


Inactivity, poor nutrition, and aging can lead to bone loss. Fragile bones put you at significant risk for breaks. If your bones are weak enough, simply bending over can cause a bone to snap. While you can’t stop Father Time, you can keep your bones strong with strength training. Strength training slows down bone loss as you age, and it might even cause your bones to generate more mass. Either way, this is a key to fighting off osteoporosis.


Reduces Your Risk of Injury


Everyone gets injured from time to time, but have you noticed that some people get hurt more than others? Many of those people don’t spend enough time building their muscles. Muscles support your joints, and the stronger you are, the more stable your joints will be. Also, strong muscles don’t put nearly as much stress on the tendons as weak muscles do. That means you’re less likely to get tendonitis and other problems.


Maintains Your Weight


If you’re just doing cardio, you might find it hard to maintain your weight. You can give your metabolism a boost by building muscle. Muscle burns calories, even when you are at rest. You will find it much easier to maintain your weight (or even lose a few pounds) if you start a strength training routine. That means you’ll be able to get back into your favorite outfits without having to suck in your breath.


Builds Your Stamina


Does it seem like you get tired a lot faster these days? Even going up the stairs can cause you to get winded. Building muscle increases your stamina and your strength. After you spend a few weeks in the gym, you’ll notice that activities that used to cause you to pant are now a breeze. After you start building muscle, you’ll want to skip the elevator and take the stairs.


Makes Your Heart Healthier


Your heart is your body’s engine. You need it running on all cylinders so you can live a healthy life. That means it’s time to hit the weights. Strength training increases HDL (good cholesterol) while also improving blood pressure. In addition, muscle replaces fat when you take part in a strength training routine. Getting rid of the visceral fat that is located around your organs is important if you want a healthy heart.


Improves Your Mental Health


You’ve likely heard of the runner’s high, that feeling that runners get when the endorphins kick in. By taking on new challenges while building muscle, you can experience that same type of high. You will learn how powerful your body can be and will become more resilient in the process. This will be an excellent boost for your mental health and self-esteem, and it will follow you outside of the gym. You will have a new lease on life once you begin building muscle.


Start Slow and Get Strong


There are many benefits to building muscle, so it’s time to get started. Keep in mind that you should start slow and gradually increase the weight and reps. You don’t want to hurt yourself during the strength training process. Also, take at least a day off between lifting sessions to give your muscles time to rest.