Arthritis In The Winter

Feb 9, 2022 | Blog

Arthritis, which literally means “inflammation of a joint,” can manifest itself in several different forms, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Whatever the type, arthritis is a disease that’s specific to our joints only (like our knees, hips, shoulders, and fingers). Arthritis is a huge cause of both lost work time and disability for many, many people. Even though arthritis primarily affects adults, it can occur in children as well. Winter signals additional pain and discomfort for millions of Americans every year. The cold winter seems to exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis. Here are our tips to relieve the symptoms of arthritis during the cold winter months.

Stay warm

Cold weather can cause your joints to stiffen up and ache. Keeping warm helps relieve stiffness and pain. Wear warm clothing and consider using a heating pad on the afflicted areas, warm baths can also help relieve pain.

Maintain a healthy diet

During the winter it is tempting to eat large hearty meals, but don’t forget your vegetables! A healthy diet promotes healthy joints and will help relieve pain and curb symptoms before they start.

Maintain a healthy weight

This tip goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy diet. Extra weight puts added strain on your joints and can cause pain and inflammation.


If your arthritis is really bad in the winter, consider getting a cortisone injection to relieve the pain.

Arthritis can have a severe impact on the daily lives of those who suffer from it, and the symptoms often get worse as the temperature drops. For more information about arthritis, or to speak with one of our physicians, please contact us today.