Announcing the publication of Dr. Michael Clare’s Book, Revision Surgery of the Foot and Ankle

Jan 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Dr. Michael Clare’s book, Revision Surgery of the Foot and Ankle has been published by Springer Publishing this year.  Dr. Clare’s years of experience as a foot and ankle specialist paved the way for his participation in this textbook, which is designed to improve the practive of new and veteran orthopaedic surgeons alike.

More about Dr. Clare’s book from the publisher.

This unique text utilizes a bulleted, case-based approach to present a variety of surgical strategies and techniques for tackling the many challenges posed by revision foot and ankle surgery.  The book is organized thematically into sections on the forefoot, trauma, sports injuries, and arthritis and reconstruction, with each chapter including key takeaway points, discussions of evaluation, surgical planning, and the cases themselves.  Specific revision topics presented include first MTP joint fusion, failed bunion and hammertoe, failed Lisfranc and fifth metatarsal fracture, failed flatfoot and subtalar fusion, and nonunion of ankle fusion and failed total ankle replacement, among others.

he challenge of revision foot and ankle surgery is that there are countless ways for a surgery to fail. Therefore, presenting as many different scenarios as possible and techniques to address them is the main advantage of the book. Practical and user-friendly, Revision Surgery of the Foot and Ankle will prove indispensable to both the young and veteran orthopedic surgeon preparing for these challenging surgical interventions.

To learn more or to purchase this textbook, visit the publisher’s website HERE.