Sports Outreach Program Services

Weekly Visit Consultations

Athletic Injury Documentation

Athletic Event Coverage

  • Bi-weekly visits consistently throughout school year for consultations with athletes, coaches and schools
  • On-call availability of athletic trainers visiting schools in the interim when an injury is in need of urgent care
  • Computer-Based Athletic Reporting System
  • Athlete is instructed on recommendations for an Athletic Injury Plan of Care
  • Athletic injury assessments are documented in the athletic trainer’s laptop computer
  • Athletic Injury Reporting System generates PDF reports for each head coach & AD
  • Injury Reports are emailed to Head Coaches & AD onsite, same day
  • Our Sports Medicine Physicians & Athletic Trainers provide medical coverage to more than 2,000 events annually
  • Districts, Play-Offs & State Championships Coverage
  • Contracted Services: schools can hire athletic trainer coverage for large event venuesvvvv

Patient Education Handouts

Educational Programs

Equipment and Supplies

  • Treatment & Rehabilitation Programs & Protocols
  • Rehabilitation protocols for specific injuries and conditions
  • Taping & Wrapping applications
  • Power Point Presentations, Educational Materials: Recognition & Management of Sports Concussions, Care of the Spine-Injured Athlete, Managing Asthmatic Athletes, Careers in Athletic Training & Sports Medicine, Prevention of Heat Illnesses, Athletic Taping & Wrapping; Reducing ACL Injuries; Improving Strength & Conditioning Programs, Preventing Head & Neck Injuries in Football, and many more …
  • Special arrangements for acquisition of specialized equipment and sports medicine supplies

Additional Outreach Program Services

  • ImPACT Concussion Testing Program
  • NSAA Wrestling Weight Assessments
  • Ankle Brace Purchasing Program
  • Athletic Injury Prevention Programs
  • Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Supply Requisitioning
  • Athletic Training Facility Design & Equipment Requisitioning
  • Athletic Event Coverage – Contracted Services for special events
  • Development of Athletic Health Care Programs – Policies and Procedures