Patient Portal FAQ

Nebraska Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine P.C.’s Patient Portal is a convenient, easy and secure way to access your personal health records.  You can access the Patient Portal any time of day, any day of the week.  For best results, use a computer to access the Patient Portal (phones and tablets may not work optimally or may not be compatible).

Why sign up for a Patient Portal Account?

The Patient Portal gives you access your health information at any time – it’s easy, convenient, and secure.  In addition to viewing your health records, you are able to do the following:

    • Make appointment requests (or cancellation requests)
    • Send secure messages to medical staff – request prescription refills or ask questions related to your medical care.
    • Update your personal information
    • Request medical records

Who is eligible?  How can I set up my account?

The Patient Portal is available to all existing patients or new patients with a scheduled appointment.  At the time of your appointment, we will send you an e-mail invitation to join the portal via the email you have on file.  Alternatively you can request an invitation through our website.  A valid e-mail address is required to have a portal account.

The invitation is only good for a limited amount of days.  After that time, a new invitation will need to be requested.

Using the invitation e-mail, follow all prompts to get your account activated.  This will include your name, date of birth, and answering other secure questions to confirm your identity.

When will my information be available?

Your information will be available on the Patient Portal within 24-48 hours of your visit. Some medical information may not be available because of their sensitive nature. If you are expecting medical information that has not been posted, please contact us.

Can I access my child(ren)’s records?

Yes.  It is the expectation that minor portal accounts are managed by the minor patient’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  Certain benefits of the patient portal are not allowed for minor accounts, such as requesting appointments or medication refills via direct message; those requests will need to remain telephonic.

Important Note: Once a minor reaches the age of majority in Nebraska (19), the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will lose access to the minor’s portal account, regardless of the minor remaining on his/her insurance plan.

Is information from previous visits available on the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal will include information beginning with the first visit for which your patient portal account was created. From this visit forward, information will be placed in your account.  For previous records, please contact us by phone or by the message feature of the Patient Portal.